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» Unique wedding hair pieces Upstate Fancy
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1. not exorbitant or extravagent by city standards, however in a rural setting (like upstate new york) it is in fact, quite fancy.

2. a wonderful blog dedicated to art, design and other things that are indeed upstate fancy.


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Summer and Bird



Unique wedding hair pieces

After a year and a half of planning, I can’t believe I am getting married in just two months! While most of the pieces are in place for our wedding, I have been dragging my feet choosing a hair accessory, they are all just so fantastic and unique I just can’t decide. So I rounded up my 10 favorite looks for brides and bridesmaids alike. Enjoy!

Where to find: 1. Mignonne Handmade 2. Erica Elizabeth Designs 3. Velvet Owl 4. Preciosa Couture 5. Amy Noel Designs 6. Tessa Kim 7. Giant Dwarf 8. Sibo Designs 9. Twigs and Honey 10. Lo Boheme

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