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1. not exorbitant or extravagent by city standards, however in a rural setting (like upstate new york) it is in fact, quite fancy.

2. a wonderful blog dedicated to art, design and other things that are indeed upstate fancy.




Celebrating our first anniversary!


Sunday, Matt and I celebrated our One Year Wedding Anniversary. We didn’t do anything fancy, or buy each other lavish gifts. Instead we sat and watched a slide show of our amazing wedding photos by the wonderful Alexandra Roberts while listening to an album by the band (the Cosmic Zombies) who played our wedding. We loved looking through and reliving our wedding day and giggling about all the amazing memories and fun we had that day last June. We spent the afternoon on the Eastern Promenade in Portland, Maine — watching the sail boats in Casco Bay. We brought along a picnic, in a lovely picnic basket we received as a wedding gift, and of course Einstein came with us to enjoy some crumbs. Here’s to many more years and many more reasons to celebrate!



Matt and I are married!

Our officiant, the wonderful Maria Northcott snapped this photo of us while we sailed around Casco Bay. I can’t wait to share all the details with you that were documented by the very talented Alexandra Roberts. I am so happy to be married to the wonderful and very dapper Matt Jones.

fun umbrellas for your rainy days

Matt and I are getting married in just 3 weeks. While we hope it doesn’t rain on our parade (or rather afternoon sail) I thought it might be a good idea to get a new umbrella just in case. Without further ado, here are my favorite finds.

Umbrella Roundup: 1. Color Wheel Umbrella 2. Umbrella Checks Carp 3. Through the Leaves 4. Sweets 5. Monet Poppy Field

Umbrella Roundup: 6. Perch 7. Big Flower 8. Marimekko Pieni Kukkatori 9. Clouds Camo 10. Fulton Birdcage Dots 11. Orla Kiely Cross Hatch 12. Raindrop

Unique wedding hair pieces

After a year and a half of planning, I can’t believe I am getting married in just two months! While most of the pieces are in place for our wedding, I have been dragging my feet choosing a hair accessory, they are all just so fantastic and unique I just can’t decide. So I rounded up my 10 favorite looks for brides and bridesmaids alike. Enjoy!

Where to find: 1. Mignonne Handmade 2. Erica Elizabeth Designs 3. Velvet Owl 4. Preciosa Couture 5. Amy Noel Designs 6. Tessa Kim 7. Giant Dwarf 8. Sibo Designs 9. Twigs and Honey 10. Lo Boheme

GOING TO THE CHAPEL or rather the boat

Things have been rather busy around here in the last few weeks. I’ve started a new full time design job,  a new business venture with my partner in crime (it’s under wraps at the moment) and of course gearing up for some spring and summer craft shows. And just in case there was a bit of free time, there is also the small task of planning our wedding.

We’ve made a couple big decisions, like the date (6.16.12) and of course that we want to get married here in Maine. We’ve also decided on where exactly we will be saying I do, and where we’ll be celebrating afterwards. In the spirit of Maine, and our own desire for doing something offbeat, we are getting married by the captain of the beautiful  schooner Bagheera. To round out the day we are celebrating at the Portland Company, located right along the water here in Maine. Their complex has a whole lot of salty charm, sailboats, and of course lots of light! You can check out the other venues we were pondering over at my guest post on Love and Lobster, right here >

PRETTY IN porcelain

Professional book binder Abby Seymour and Jewelry artist Katherine Wheeler create beautiful pieces for their line Golden Ink. A mix of hand crafted porcelain shapes and fanciful drawings the two creatives are a match made in heaven.

Every wearable inch of their work is created by hand, and fired in their own little kiln, which means each one is a little different and remarkably unique. Their work would make anyone swoon and is sure to gather a few compliments from complete strangers as well!

RASPBERRY & LIME our wedding inspiration

In my career as a graphic designer the most indecisive, difficult to please, hardest to work with client is myself. I find it hard to make a final decision and pull the trigger. After all I can’t charge myself overages, or get mad when I miss my made up deadlines. I have the ability to change my mind dozens of times before making that final decision.

So now that I’ve started to plan my wedding, I feel overwhelmed with design decisions. Should we have a nautical feel, or something more woodsy. Do we want light colors, or something more bold. I’ve been creating wedding inspiration boards for the past 7 months over at love and lobster, so you think I would know exactly what I want.

I’ve been pouring over my files folders for the last month— looking at swatches, dresses and decor, unable to pull the trigger on how I want that special day to feel. Until last night. I figured it all out. It’s not about a theme its about the color, it about making everything around us as happy as we feel. Bright colors with a rustic undertone. This is what we want our day to exude, happiness. Click the photo to view larger if you want to see all the details!

Clockwise from top left: Birch vases (via elizabeth anne designs), food cart, ( charlotte jerks lewis), boutonniere (tec petaja),  drink settings (martha stewart weddings),  flowers (la partie events), ice tub (pottery barn), table setting (my life my loves), monogram (unknown), ceramic mason jars (alyssa ettinger), birch slices (union photo), jam jars (martha stewart weddings), strawberry shortcake (paula le duc),  drink dispensers (justin marantz),

A CLASSIC LOOK for your dog

Be prepared for a whole bunch of cuteness when you head over to Rover Dog’s online storefront. I found this gem of shop while putting together an inspiration board for the coastal New England wedding blog Love and Lobster. These coats, shirts and even neckties would be the prefect addtion if you are set on having your precious pooch join your wedding party. I can guarantee any dog would look dapper in this westerly trench coat! Best of all they are available in sizes XS to XXL perfect for pups big and small.

HAVE YOUR CAKE and display it too

Swoon! I’ve been searching the internet lately for fun cake stands. I’ve wanted one for quite a while and now I think it would be the perfect accent for our wedding reception. Say hello to Sweet and Saucy Supply! This online shop has done all the vintage shopping for you, just swing by pick your favorite and have it shipped to your doorstep. There are some amazing pieces on their site, from cake plates, platters, bowls and glass dome tops. There is sure to be one that compliments your home, or wedding.


I’m so very excited to share the news with you all! After 3 wonderful years together, one big move to Maine, and countless hours hauling my wares to craft shows near and far, Matt asked me to marry him. On Christmas Eve we were in Syracuse visiting his family for the holidays and made our annual trek to Lights on The Lake, a drive through extravaganza of holiday lights, which my inner child loves. After we went through the final archway he pulled the car over and took a little silver box our of his coat pocket. I was honestly surprised and of course said yes! I couldn’t be happier to have this very special moment take place at my favorite time of year. The ring is so beautiful an exactly the kind of antique estate piece I wanted (great job Matt).

I can’t wait to share more about our journey on this wild ride of planning and excitement, and will be guest posting about planning a wedding in Maine over at the Love and Lobster blog. I wish all of your a very joyous 2011!

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