[uhp-steyt fan-see] - adjective

1. not exorbitant or extravagent by city standards, however in a rural setting (like upstate new york) it is in fact, quite fancy.

2. a wonderful blog dedicated to art, design and other things that are indeed upstate fancy.




Shop to watch: Bourbon Moth.


If you ever wanted to live in a cabin in the woods, but wish that cabin had a super amazing decorator, then Bourbon Moth is going to be your new favorite shop. Decorate your walls with a science lab inspired vase, display your quilts on a blanket ladder ( I SO want one) or just show off some of your favorite treasures on a wall shelf shaped like a mountain range. Every piece is ultra unique and will make your home feel like a cozy cottage, no matter where you live.


Fall for Jenna Rose Handmade

handmade by jenna rose, on etsy.com bags and pillows and more

handmade by jenna rose, on etsy.com bags and pillows and more

Jenna Rose Handmade creates the most wonderfully outdoor inspired home goods and accessories. All of her textiles are uniquely hers and screen printed in the perfectly complementary colors, before being turned into a hand bag or her signature bucket catch-all. I actually have two of her buckets that I use as knitting project bags around the house. I am just in love with her new acorn printed designs which feature a little touch of metallic shimmery gold! Truly any peice from her shop would make a perfect autumn addition to your home, or your favorite outfit!

A new Twist on a Welsh Tradition


I love all things British. My favorite place to shop is the Boden catalog, my pup is a Welsh Corgi, and of course I was glued to the Tv for the royal wedding. When I discovered this adorable shop, Loglike, I nearly feel out of my desk chair. Filled with amazing handmade gifts and home goods ( my weak spot) I pretty much want one of everything! My favorite are the Love spoons. A modern take on a welsh tradition, love spoons were given as tokens to show undying love, and these modern handmade versions feature bright handles that have been hand carved into little hearts. Wouldn’t this be the perfect wedding present for the couple who loves to cook. I for one wouldn’t mind finding a set under my christmas tree!

Geodesic Gorgeousness

I’ve been getting rather sentimental the past few weeks. Maybe it’s because I am getting married in just 6 weeks but most likely it is because of our honeymoon destination. At this point if Matt was in the room he would cover my mouth and tell me to stop calling it a honeymoon, it’s just a trip we are taking the day after the wedding, it is not a honeymoon.


Where are we going? Well maybe this weeks’s finds will help clue you in. These beautiful planters, hand soldered and cut my the talent at Score + Solder are just too pretty for words. While I am not so great at taking care of suculents, I think some little pansies or violets would look stunning in these works or art, hang them inside or on the porch and liven up any space.

Trivia time in the kitchen. New Tea Towels.

When I first designed the 50 State Creatures Tea Towel I knew I had to make a companion piece featuring 50 state trees and flowers. I assigned each state either their state Tree or Flower and then got drawing. After a few rounds of design, making sure each silhouette fit in with the others on the page, I found a couple flowers that I decided to redraw. I absouletly love how the final design came out, and I hope you do too!

Enter “TEATIME” in the checkout. Exp: 4/30/12

This 50 State Perennials Tea Towel is available in 2 color ways; Wisteria Purple and Bold Peach. They are now available in the Peppersprouts shop and look great with our State ANimal Tea Towel too!

Knot even!

I’ve seen knots used in so many things, from drawer pulls to lamps but never before as a throw pillow. The Not Knot comes in four different knot shapes and of course ten very chic color ways. How fun this would look in a kids bedroom or a modern beach house. I love what an unique idea this is, hope it brightens up your friday and gets you excited for a bright weekend.

Cute cushions for any chair

Gosh I just really love these cushions by Robin and Mould. The illustration style is super simplistic with the perfect touch of character. There is something about the hues they use in their beautifully screen printed images, that would match almost any room. I also have a little crush on their adorably made tea cozy as well. I think I may just have to add one of these guys to my christmas wish list!

FERM LIVING is ready for spring

I love browsing the new products at Ferm Living as they always have such pretty photo styling. Of course, my new favorite item is their little wood studios. These guys are made of wood and come in a variety of colors and sizes. While the site shows them lovingly adorning the walls they would look amazing lined up on a shelf or even a modern mantle.

And if you are looking for something a little more mainstream, Ferm Living always has some very unique vases that would be perfectly at home anywhere. If you are looking for a new unique gift, Ferm Living never dissapoints.

NEW COLLECTION from jacqueline bos

I really love this new collection entitled “With Heart” by designer jacqueline bos. While the bunny pillow cover may be my personal favorite, I am really digging her galaxy pillow covers, and her unique napkins as well. Okay, you got me, I love it all!

WEST ELM photo styling

I just love the new goodies that West Elm has put out for the 2010 holiday season. I mean, look at that owl lamp, it is just to die for! But, what I love most is the photo styling they are using for this new catalog. The photos are super sharp and show off the products in the most incredible way. I seriously put twenty things into my Christmas wish list this week from West Elm. As much as I do want it all, I always have to remind myself that buying that lamp, or pillow, or anything else for that matter, will not make my apartment look like the one in the picture. You know the one that no one lives in, with out the dog, or the take out for dinner, or the piles of bills. But maybe it can bring it just a little bit closer.

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