[uhp-steyt fan-see] - adjective

1. not exorbitant or extravagent by city standards, however in a rural setting (like upstate new york) it is in fact, quite fancy.

2. a wonderful blog dedicated to art, design and other things that are indeed upstate fancy.


Summer and Bird



Music to create by


Unless I have to spend the day entering receipts and invoice into quickbooks, my studio space is rarely quiet. In, fact I currently have three sources of audible entertainment in my tiny studio space (aka, spare room on the apartment), One Livio NPR radio, one portable turntable, and my computer. I tend to start my mornings Listening to the BBC News broadcast through WNYC, and then depending on what my tasks are for the morning, I will stay tuned into WNYC, or open iTunes or Pandora for a mid-morning pick-me-up.

I have a very wide range of music tastes, depending on what I am working on, and if I need to be a little loud and active, or calm and focused. The Decemberists are my current go to sing-a-long sea-shanty fun-time go-to favorite. But I also love the classics, like a little Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash or Buddy Holly. I also have my guilty little pleasures, like the Howie Day version of Don’t Dream it’s Over, or my pandora station of just Disney songs, which can make any afternoon fly by. I really love having so much music at my fingertips and am constantly changing my playlists to suit the day.



Inspired by The Pixel Painter

The Pixel Painter from The Pixel Painter on Vimeo.

I came across this video today and my heart was filled with joy. This 98 years young graphic designer, Hal Lasko, lwas introduced to Microsoft Paint and his imagination and artistic talent filled the screen with wondrous art. I love being able to create new works with the aid of a computer, but I also love so much stepping back and picking up my pencils and paint to create something the old-fashioned way ( like  Grandpa Hal during his first career). This video is just truly inspiring! And of course you can buy prints of his work on his website too!

My stamp embossing tutorial


I just finished my first true DIY tutorial. Embossing with rubber stamps is a really fun and inexpensive way to make your notecards and envelopes look like a million bucks! Check out the full tutorial on the Chatty Press Shop blog!

life stories


I know January is almost over  and I haven’t said a peep here. This month has been off to a rocky start. I think the winter blues have gotten to me, along with a very irritating noise in the apartment which has made it hard to even enjoy the little things in my daily routine. It’s amazing how sensitive I am to sound. Hopefully 2014 will bring something amazing as it blossoms into spring. Matt and I plan to start shopping around for a home of our own this year, which is exciting and terrifying as well. I have been getting into more lettering projects and have been really been enjoying it. I’m even taking an encaustic class to learn a new medium this year! I hope the year is going well for you and yours! Cheers to 2014!

What was your most memorable christmas gift?

Christmas is a time for family and togetherness. Of course it is also a time for gift giving and celebrating with the ones you love. Matt and i were talking about our favorite gifts from being kids. So I want to know what you most memorable gift was from your childhood! Download this printable PDF, print it out and share your christmas gift memory.  Leave a link in the comments or tag it #GiftMemory on twitter or instagram!

jen_most_memorable_giftHands down, mine was the year I got my “big kid” sleeping bag. I had one that I didn’t quite fit in anymore ( and I am pretty sure it had care bears on it). But this new awesome, black with red plaid sleeping bag  was amazing, and got so much use, some nights I would just sleep in it on top of my own bed.

I can’t wait to see yours!! Download your own printable sheet and share it with family and friends!

Holiday Gift Guide
Gifts for Kids 2013


holiday gift guide for kids 2013

Happy Handmade Holidays! These are just a few of my favorite finds for kids this year, all made my independent artists and makers on Etsy! It’s hard sometimes to find unique gifts for kids that they will love, I think these will do the trick!

1. Memory Zoo game from mama May I 2. Wooden Toy Camera from Twig Creative 3. Play Tepee from TneesTpees 4. Woodland Push Toys from Imagination 5. Kids Paper Puppet Theater from Pukaca 6. Fox Bath Mitts from Busy Bonnie Bee 7. Tell me A story Dice from The Small Object 8. Hello Baby Romper from Egg-a-Go-Go 9. Animal Tail pretend Play from Colette Bream

life stories
Searching for our Christmas Tree

I love Christmastime. There is just something magical about the air this last month of the year. Of course running two shops and getting to send my work to be gifted all around the world, keeps me pretty busy and in the studio most days (and nights) this time of year. Which is why Matt and I always make a big deal of going to pick out our christmas tree and spending the afternoon reminiscing over ornaments we have collected together.

This year we went to Crane Neck Tree Farm in West Newbury, MA. We ended up giving up on pulling our tree on the sled, after I documented it falling off twice and Matt begged me to stop photographing and start helping. We opted for a smaller tree than in years past, but we had such a fun time together, spending the afternoon out of doors and most of all, together. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I wish you a very Happy Holiday season!







Holiday Gift Guide
Peppersprouts Thanksgiving Weekend Sale

black_friday_peppersproutsHappy Holidays! This weekend you can save 15% off everything in stock at peppersprouts.com  Just enter code HOLLYJOLLY at checkout. Good through Monday, Dec 2, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide
Gifts for Bookworms


As someone who loves a good book, I would be thrilled to wake up Christmas morning with any of these under my tree! A little gift guide for the reader on your holiday list, who always seems to have their nose in a book, in the very best way possible!

1. Fox bookends by Design Atelier Article • 2. Bibliophile Perfume oil by Long Winter Soap Co. • 3. Animal Lovers Book Tote by Xenotees • 4. Kindle Cover by Service Partner on Etsy • 5. Vintage Sleeping Cat Book End from Guidoux Vintage • 6. Book Scarf by Storiarts • 7. Bookplate library stamp by the chatty press • 8. The believer literary journal from McSweeneys • 9. Book Brooch by House of Ismay


A new Twist on a Welsh Tradition


I love all things British. My favorite place to shop is the Boden catalog, my pup is a Welsh Corgi, and of course I was glued to the Tv for the royal wedding. When I discovered this adorable shop, Loglike, I nearly feel out of my desk chair. Filled with amazing handmade gifts and home goods ( my weak spot) I pretty much want one of everything! My favorite are the Love spoons. A modern take on a welsh tradition, love spoons were given as tokens to show undying love, and these modern handmade versions feature bright handles that have been hand carved into little hearts. Wouldn’t this be the perfect wedding present for the couple who loves to cook. I for one wouldn’t mind finding a set under my christmas tree!

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