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Tropicana brings back old packaging
WE’RE BRINGING oranges back

I didn’t hate the new Tropicana packaging, but I also didn’t think it needed to be changed. There was something so iconic about the previous packaging, with that big juicy orange with the red and white straw poking out f it, it just said FRESH & Natural without having to actually say anything. The new packaging was just a little plain jane to me, it is modern, but it doesn’t have any added value, there was nothing special about this orange juice vs any other. I did however have very a very strong opinion about their new ad campaign, I hated it. It is boring, contrived and the copy writing is subpar (what little there is of it). “Squeeze it’s a natural.” Really? who says “It’s a natural?” I think there is a word missing in that sentence.. or maybe there is one word to many. Either way it just doesn’t make sense. 

Well for anyone who has felt even a tad bit leery of the new packaging, or maybe you just down right hated it, there is good news on the horizon ( thanks to the NYT ). Tropicana ( run by Pepsico ) is returning to the old packaging. Apparently the public is up in arms about the rebranding, so the company is listening to the people.  Now if only we can get more people to express their opinions about things that really matter.