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NETFLIX for eyeglasses

When I was growing up I always wished I needed glasses. Well last year I finally got my wish and I now sport a pair of lenses while reading and working on the computer. I’ve been thinking about updating my look and getting a new pair of glasses but the ones I always find myself drawn to are way out of my price range. That is until today!

Say hello to Warby Parker. Warby Parker creates boutique quality eyewear at an affordable price ($95.) That in and of itself is amazing, but what makes this company even better… You can pick out five pairs you are interested in and they will ship them to your home (free) and let you try them on and decide which you want to put your prescription in. You ship them back (free) they do all the dirty work and send you your brand new specs! Oh, and if that wasn’t enough they also have a conscious. For every pair you buy they also donate a pair to someone in need! Seriously if you wear glasses, Warby Parker is the only way to go!

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