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I grew up in Delaware, spent many a year in NYC and now live in Maine. Needless to say I have been to my fair share of state fairs, street festivals and carnivals in my lifetime, and no outdoor massive gathering is complete without fried pastries. But if you find yourself surrounded by red and white canopies and glass fronted food trucks, but can’t seem to find that glorious neon sign, fear not it may just be called something else.

Funnel cake is what I grew up with. Made by pouring the dough directly into the fryer using, what else, a funnel. This gives the crispy gooey delight its wacky twisty shape. Once out of the fryer, it is put on a paper plate and coated in powdered sugar. It’s unique design makes this cake perfect for tearing off a piece and sharing with friends.

Fried dough on the other hand is exactly what you would expect. A mound of dough that is flattened a bit and put into the fryer without manipulation. Also served on a paper plate, and this is where it gets tricky, it can be covered in various toppings of chocolate, sugar, or even a savory tomato sauce. It’s also not an easy sharing dish, and pretty far down on my list of fair treats.

Last up is zeppoles! Now I have only had these little guys in the 5 boroughs, if you have had the pleasure of seeing these elsewhere please let me know! Zeppoles are little miniature mounds of dough that are fried, of course, put into a paper bag, and surrounded with powdered sugar. A quick shake of the bag and you have the perfect walking around treat. Perfect for sharing and keeping you and all your friends on a sugar high. But beware, the oil can be too much for some of the more delicate bags and you could just loose your zeppoles to the local critters.

And just in case your in the mood for a little carnival fever, but your state fair isn’t until August… check out this cute set of state fair food cards by Lisa Orgler. Send a little bit of festivities to your friends near and far!

Photo credits: Michelle Vu, My so called food blog, tara’s fried dough


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  1. Lisa Orgler on June 14, 2011 at 4:41 pm said:

    Jen – This is such a fun post! Thanks for including my cards.

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