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frames and albums for instax photos

I received a fuji instax mini camera a few years ago for christmas and I just love it. It reminds me of the polaroids I grew up with, just in a much smaller version, they are a little bigger than a business card. I love taking photos with it because you can’t really frame a shot very well so the final photo is a bit of a surprise which is so much fun, however I have not been able to find a place, other than the fridge to display these little slices of life. That is of course until today.

Mochithings is a company based in seattle that has a huge variety of display ideas for your instax photos. They have a wide variety of frames and albums that are made just for these tiny photos. My favorites are the small desk frames that easily allow you to swap out a shot and these pastel albums that store up to 64 photos! I just ordered some more film, and a storage box and can’t wait to bring out the camera more often! Say cheese!

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