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[uhp-steyt fan-see] - adjective

1. not exorbitant or extravagent by city standards, however in a rural setting (like upstate new york) it is in fact, quite fancy.

2. a wonderful blog dedicated to art, design and other things that are indeed upstate fancy.


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Summer and Bird



GET RID OF creative block

Short and sweet this morning. Check out this very pretty video. White box by Makoto Yabuki. This is sure to get rid of your creative block.

White Box from makoto yabuki on Vimeo.


I saw this video and just had to share it with you. This is the second largest aquarium on earth in Japan. I know quite a few people who are anti aquariums and anti zoo, and I can understand their reasoning behind that. I however believe that there are so many people who would never learn about these creatures if it were not for these institutions. I think its a way to explore nature and learn something new, and allow people to respect the wild, most of the time without leaving a big city. It’s one thing to read about something in a book, and another thing to be able to see some of these endangered creature up close and personal, not everyone has the money or time to travel to see these creatures in their natural habitat, but that shouldn’t prevent them from learning all they can about them. That’s just my thought.

Kuroshio Sea – 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world from Jon Rawlinson on Vimeo.

DRESSED UP OR DRESSED DOWN these hairpins look lovely

I’ve been searching for some hairpins the last few weeks. Nothing really as jumped off the page at me yet. I know exactly what i want but no one seems to make them. Ha maybe I should invest in some supplies and make them myself. I did however come across these georgeous hair pins by LuLuSplendor. Sold in little sets of 3, these Swarovski encrusted hair pins and simply stunning. I love the little details and the extra patina that goes on so many of them. They will surly add a little sparkle to your hair without making you look like you just stepped out of a story book, unless of course thats what you are going for. These hair decorations would look great for a day in the park, or a walk down the aisle.


ENTER TO WIN the upstatefancy summer mix

I happy to have our first ever contest!  What’s up for grabs? An illustrated cd case fully of summer silliness and a cd with some of my favorite summer songs that keep me inspired. The songs are a surprise but i promise you wont be disappointed, there is really something for everyone! A song about an ice cream man, one about loving cold drinks, maybe one about wearing a grass skirt, and definitely one about christmas (in july)! 

It’s easy to enter! all you have to do is leave a comment in the comment field with your favorite summer song!!! I will randomly pick a winner next friday (7/17) so you have a whole week to enter! Good luck!


HANNAFORD MARKET illustrations

There is this pretty great supermarket chain in Maine called Hannaford. We became regular shoppers there while vacationing in Bar Harbor last week. The quality of food was great, even though they didn’t have any strawberries, and their wine selection was unbelievable, the thing that I liked the most was their signage. All of their signage has these amazing cute illustrations on it. They even appear on their reusable shopping bags. I really love the style and whimsy with these little drawing, however I can not for the life of me find out who the illustrator is. If anyone knows who did the illustrations for Hannaford’s signage and promotional materials in 2009 please let me know.


WEDDING CAKE TOPPERS sweeter than cake

Okay so I guess I’m jumping on the June wedding bandwagon. So here it is, my favorite picks for alternative wedding cake toppers.


Clockwise from top left:  Smiling Gators – $100 from Bunny with a tool beltSquirrel Love $70 from Middleburg, Bunny Love – $40 from Melabo, Custom Couple wood toppers – $80  from goosegreese, transparent butterfly cascade – $60 from Butterfly Bazaar 

DIY KITS to keep you busy this summer

my boyfriend was joking that i need a new project to work on, (I currently have 4 rather large projects going on currently, one of them is of course my product line.) But that got me thinking about all the great things that are available on etsy, and all the wonderful kits you can buy on there to learn a new skill, make something tasty, or just make someone’s day. I used to love getting craft kits to keep me busy in the summer months. So I took a peek at the vast pages of the etsy universe and here are a few of my favorites.


a. DIY cheese kit from Urban Cheesecraft $21   b. Designer chair tablescape kit from L Brandt $30   c. Giraffe embroidery pattern from Penguin and Fish $6   d. Make your own cup cozy from byrd and belle $8   e. Spice kits from Purpose design $16   f. Cottontail needle felting kit from fancy tiger $12   g. Moss terrarium kit from Lady Farrah $35

BEAUTIFUL SPRING ceramic placesettings

How pretty are these! I’m sure by now you know how much I love good typography. Which is only in part why I’m drawn to the new spring collection from Take Me Homeware. Made in Brooklyn by May Luk Ceramics, these little beauties would look amazing as a set, but also look just as good on their own. Simple, clean, and handmade, what more could you ask for on your table this summer, and all year long. If you happen to be in the nyc area, be sure to stop by the brooklyn flea tomorrow and pick up your own piece in person. 



I’ve been really excited about the possibility of getting into the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn this summer. I applied this year with my favorite soapstar (she makes soap she doesn’t star on the now canceled Guiding Light) Michelle from Dirty Loves Clean. The wait was long but last night we found out that we got in! I’m pretty excited, not only is it in my neighborhood, but I’ve always had a little mini-dream of selling there one year. I know some of my other favorite people also got in cakehouseJ Davis StudioiKyotoMiniature Rhino, and quite a few more that are all members of the newnewteam. So if you are in Brooklyn stop by and say hi, June 6 + 7th at McCaren Park.


BEAUTIFUL fluid sculpture

This fluid sculpture by Charlie Bucket is a small prototype of what he is showing at the 2009 Maker Faire. Check out his site for some other really cool stuff and ridiculous clothing experiments.

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