[uhp-steyt fan-see] - adjective

1. not exorbitant or extravagent by city standards, however in a rural setting (like upstate new york) it is in fact, quite fancy.

2. a wonderful blog dedicated to art, design and other things that are indeed upstate fancy.




I HATE PERFUME but love the names

Sometimes a special scent can just turn the day around. I’m so tired of naming conventions that really don’t mean anything. I think a fragrance can have a life of it’s own and really bring you back to a forgotten memory or whisk you away to someplace exotic and spiritual.  I personally carry a little roll on fragrance with me named Optimism that really does brightens up my day.

A little shop in Brooklyn has taken this idea to a whole new level. CB I Hate Perfume has the most unusual names for its fragrances and packages them in nostalgic little bottles. From Russian Caravan Tea, to At The Beach 1966 there is sure to be something that will be the perfect match for you. I am dying to get to their shop but the snow may just keep me away this weekend.


STAY WARM and fashionable

I was recently browsing the pages of etsy looking for a scarf for a very feminine lady on my christmas list and luckily I came across artlab. Of course there is so much more than just scarves in this lovely shop. I absolutely  love the ruffles and can’t wait to see them peeking out of a winter coat. Each piece from artlab is made to order, so place your order very soon for that hard to shop for lady on your list.


GET YOUR LEGS ready for cold weather

I’m ordering a pair (or three) of these soy and organic cotton leggings from Bobelly. Seriously, these look the like most comfy leggings ever. And best of all they are custom made for you leg stems! Available in a variety of different colors, I dare you to not buy a few pairs to match every outfit you plan on wearing this winter. I see some very lazy sundays in my future, a cup of tea, a good book and some Bobelly Leggings.


BEAUTIFUL CUSTOM clothes from idea2lifestyle

I love so many things in the idea2lifestyle shop. I recently bought the far far away scarf And can not wait until the weather gets cold enough to wear it, the colors are even better in person, and I love the pockets. One of the things I really love about this shop is they can make any of their designs in custom sizes which is perfect for gals like me who often find things they love only available up to size 10. The quality of construction on the scarf is superb, and I can’t wait to order some more things from them this fall.


THE BEST OF NYIGF – megan auman

I have been a fan of Megan Auman’s work for quite a while. Not only are her designs beautiful, she is a really wonderful person as well. I was very happy to run into her at the NYIGF this year and her booth really stood out to me. First off I love her name placement, the whole setup felt like you were in an art gallery or a museum store’s special artist section. All of her designs felt very prominent and stood out against her custom designed backdrop that also featured her signature leaf pattern. Her booth design was very open and had room to walk around and really take in her work which was a welcome change from only being able to stand in one spot and glance around. On the side wall she proudly showcased her jewelry line, hung upon little white canvases. This really highlighted the artistic quality of the pieces, jewelry as art not just adornments. I really can’t wait t see what is next from this very talented lady.


RINGS WITH BLING without spending a fortune

This year I’ve been doing some design work at the agency for a high end jewelry company. I don’t personally wear much jewelry, which is probably why I don’t often feature much on the blog. I often find things beautiful that have exorbitant price tags to go along with them, which just turns me off from the piece all together. Don’t get me wrong I know the detail and craftsmanship that goes into creating such pieces, I dabbled in jewelry design in high school, I know how much time is put into making the perfect bezel and setting the perfect stone. I however don’t think you have to have a $30,000 on a ring to think of it as beautiful and special. These rings from singleB: beautiful are simply stunning, without having to take out a second mortgage on your house. The stones are gorgeous and the craftsmanship is impeccable. I also love that so many of her pieces are made with either recycled silver or argentium white silver, which always looks amazing. Her wedding set for both the bride and the groom has a vintage feel with a modern twist, and you’ll still have plenty of money left in the budget for flowers. I really can’t say enough wonderful things about her collection. Check it out for yourself.


DIY KITS to keep you busy this summer

my boyfriend was joking that i need a new project to work on, (I currently have 4 rather large projects going on currently, one of them is of course my product line.) But that got me thinking about all the great things that are available on etsy, and all the wonderful kits you can buy on there to learn a new skill, make something tasty, or just make someone’s day. I used to love getting craft kits to keep me busy in the summer months. So I took a peek at the vast pages of the etsy universe and here are a few of my favorites.


a. DIY cheese kit from Urban Cheesecraft $21   b. Designer chair tablescape kit from L Brandt $30   c. Giraffe embroidery pattern from Penguin and Fish $6   d. Make your own cup cozy from byrd and belle $8   e. Spice kits from Purpose design $16   f. Cottontail needle felting kit from fancy tiger $12   g. Moss terrarium kit from Lady Farrah $35

THE DAILY COMMUTE, on my finger?

I hate crowds. I’ve always been that way. Im the fast walker in Times square when I have a place to be. I’m the person who slows down when people behind me get too close. I’m fine in lines as long as they are orderly. And I do not do well on the subway without headphones or a good book to lose myself in. With that being said, I love the idea of having a tiny crowd with me all day long. These little rings by Germany’s Dieter Dill Design provide the perfect size crowd for be to handle. I know they wont get out of control and start bumping into me or listen to really bad music with their headphones only half in their ear, If this did start to happen I would have bigger things to worry about.


CUTE AND SIMPLE bags for spring

I’ve been carrying around this very large, very heavy blue faux leather bag all winter. While I do love it, I have to say I’m ready for something light and colorful. Well the colors are the first thing that caught my eye when looking at the bags by Vildan at Bayan Hippo. Messenger bags, everyday bags, even if you’r not into bold color she has some awesome bags in grey’s and olive and that familiar black. I myself couldn’t resist this little number, the Abanoz in Tangerine. So check her out if you are looking for something new to tote around  in the warmer months, cute, fashionable and affordable. 


NECK TIES aren’t for dad’s anymore

I used to collect silk ties. I was always raiding my dad’s closet for old pants and silk ties, i wore the pant’s but the ties he was tired of I held on to, because i knew there was a craft project right around the corner that needed those ties. Even in college I found myself picking up the best ties at the thrift stores and even T.J maxx because I had it in my head that i was going to make a skirt out of them. I started that project with all the enthusiasm in the world, but I gave up and decided that if i really wanted that skirt, eventually I would try again ( and buy a sewing machine because sewing by hand takes forever). 

Well I now have a sewing machine, but when I want that tie skirt, or dress or ball-gown, I’m going to Glamarita instead of making it myself. I mean seriously, check out Ronnie’s amazing seamstress skills. If I had a prom to attend this spring, or any special occasion I would definitely be getting one of her creations without thinking twice. They are so imaginative and her color choices and designs are simply beautiful. Breathtaking conversation starters, you would surly turn some heads in one of these made to order ball-gowns. 


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