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A VISUAL WAY to look at your space

This morning I found myself out of space. Not physical space actually, but virtual space on my imac. As an artist I always find visual representations easier to follow and understand than numbers. So, thank goodness for Grand Perspective! This handy program scans your hard drive, or really any folder you want, and then gives you a handy visual representation of what is taking up space where. If you click on any of the colored boxes it will let you view the actual files in your finder and you can choose to trash them, keep them, or back them up. It’s such an easy way to free up some much needed space. As much as I like Grey’s Anatomy, today they will now live on on a backup drive instead of taking up precious harddrive space.

One Response to "A VISUAL WAY to look at your space"

  1. Tim on August 9, 2011 at 9:17 am said:

    Thank you! What an awesome program…and so much better than watching the little bars move around in DeFrag on my old pc, because this program shows you where your files are!

    Just like you, I found many surprisingly large files (movies being the biggest offenders), and surprisingly small ones too. E.g., Photoshop and the rest of the CS took up less space than a 10 minute video from my camera. Go figure.

    Many thanks for pointing out this nifty tool to fellow Mac users!

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