[uhp-steyt fan-see] - adjective

1. not exorbitant or extravagent by city standards, however in a rural setting (like upstate new york) it is in fact, quite fancy.

2. a wonderful blog dedicated to art, design and other things that are indeed upstate fancy.




simple booth designs for wholesale shows
THE BEST OF NYIGF- laurel denise

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF) 2009. It was a very warm day here in NYC but the javits center was heavily air conditioned so it made for an enjoyable morning. I met some really wonderful people, saw some amazing products, and some really amazing booth designs as well. Of course there were some booth designs that were plain and boring, but we wont talk about those here. So all this week I will be showcasing some of my favorite displays and products from the NYIGF 2009.

I really enjoyed the setup of Laurel Denise. It helped that i have seen her beautiful jewelry pieces before, but to me the display really stood out upstairs in the Handmade section. I appreciated that all of the pieces were out in the air and could be touched without having to open a case, they were pretty without being unapproachable. I also love the consistency of the booth and the brand. I know there was a lot of thought that went into setting up the display, it didn’t feel overdone but it looked amazing. The use of natural materials and kraft paper tags kept the emphasis on the jewelry and probably kept the cost of display down as well. You can take a closer look at the beautiful glass jewelry on their retail site and pick up a pendant of your own.