[uhp-steyt fan-see] - adjective

1. not exorbitant or extravagent by city standards, however in a rural setting (like upstate new york) it is in fact, quite fancy.

2. a wonderful blog dedicated to art, design and other things that are indeed upstate fancy.




brightly colored bird houses
THE BIRDS ARE LOVING this warm weather

I’m not such a big fan of warm weather. Give me a crisp fall day and I’m as happy as a jack-o-lantern. It seems that spring is over all ready, this weekend in Brooklyn we saw temperatures as high as 89, and I have the sunburn to prove it. We did however enjoy sitting in the backyard sunday morning while it was still a little cool in the shade, while Einstein played with his favorite ball and we relaxed a bit after spending saturday at the Flea. I realized how many birds congregate in the yards behind out apartment, and thought about getting a bird house  to put on the fence or hang from the beautiful magnolia tree that has just finished blooming. Well I love these swallow bird houses from Duckabush Woodworks. Available in a variety of colors, these amazing handmade birdhouses would sure to make some little bird very happy. How cool would these look lined up on the edge of the forest, a little bit of added color, and some beautiful birds too.