[uhp-steyt fan-see] - adjective

1. not exorbitant or extravagent by city standards, however in a rural setting (like upstate new york) it is in fact, quite fancy.

2. a wonderful blog dedicated to art, design and other things that are indeed upstate fancy.




Reusable Snack Pouch - $19

An eco-friendly gift from Cotton Top Quilts, for that mid afternoon snacker. The one who always has the carrots.

To Do List - $6

The repurposed paper notepad from Built a Nest is sure to make the eco conscious co-worker very happy this holiday.

Letterpress Calendar - $8

This letterpress calendar from Oddball Press would look great on a cubicle but even better framed.

Global Spice Kit - $15

This mini spice kit from Purpose Design is great for that co-worker who seems to be the culinary genius of the office.

Paperclip Caddy - $27

A little more traditional, these handcrafted caddies from Richard Altenhofen will have them climbing the corporate ladder.

Earl Grey Cookies - $9

You cant go wrong with the sweets from Whimsy and Spice. So good I suggest stocking up on these for yourself too.

Address File Box - $45

This walnut file box from Sally Bean is an awesome present for someone who's resolution is to be more organized.

Humorous Lunch Bags - $4

Help protect a co-workers lunch this year, with these humorous printed brown paper bags from Sammo.

Reuseable Teabags - $10

The reusable teabags from Meg West are sure to help keep your coworkers Starbucks addiction in check.

Plush Pocket Pack - $24

These little plush monsters from Love and a Sandwich are perfect for those who love to decorate their space.

Leather Journal - $25

The leather journals from Green Trike Press are perfect for your favorite co-worker. Beautiful leather that's built to last.

CubeEdge Notebook - $15

Paired with a set of micron pens, this kraftboard notebook from Affa will make the creative in your office very happy.

Iphone Case - $19

This modern take on the iphone case from Byrd and Belle is great for the techie on your floor. made from wool felt & leather.

Business card File - $16

These card file notebooks from My Lavender Cottage will keep contacts in place and save time in the new year.