[uhp-steyt fan-see] - adjective

1. not exorbitant or extravagent by city standards, however in a rural setting (like upstate new york) it is in fact, quite fancy.

2. a wonderful blog dedicated to art, design and other things that are indeed upstate fancy.





I’m back! After a wonderful relaxing vacation on Mount Desert Island on the Maine coast, I am back in Brooklyn and back to upstatefancy. I did a little bit of shopping while I was in Bar Harbor and came acorss this cute little shop called island artisans, that features only handmade items by maine artists. I had my eye on a lovely Jade ring for a few days (just like the earrings below but in a ring), and when I finally tried it on it fit perfectly and looked amazing on my stubby fingers. The artist behind this miraculous piece of jewelry is Jen Burrall. Based in Portland Maine, Jen’s work is simple and stunning. If you like big stones without the “bling” her designs are perfect for you, a blast of color without the sparkle to blind you. I really can’t say enough about her work, check it out yourself. 


DIY KITS to keep you busy this summer

my boyfriend was joking that i need a new project to work on, (I currently have 4 rather large projects going on currently, one of them is of course my product line.) But that got me thinking about all the great things that are available on etsy, and all the wonderful kits you can buy on there to learn a new skill, make something tasty, or just make someone’s day. I used to love getting craft kits to keep me busy in the summer months. So I took a peek at the vast pages of the etsy universe and here are a few of my favorites.


a. DIY cheese kit from Urban Cheesecraft $21   b. Designer chair tablescape kit from L Brandt $30   c. Giraffe embroidery pattern from Penguin and Fish $6   d. Make your own cup cozy from byrd and belle $8   e. Spice kits from Purpose design $16   f. Cottontail needle felting kit from fancy tiger $12   g. Moss terrarium kit from Lady Farrah $35


So I had to do a photo-shoot for my new  felt trivets and I thought the best way to show the colors off was to contrast them with a bowl of strawberries. So now I have some great shots of a new product and got to eat some tasty berries once the photos were taken, along with some pretty decent biscuits. We also planted some strawberry plants in a big strawberry pot and put it out on the fire-escape yesterday afternoon. So following suit, I figured I should showcase some of my favorite strawberry inspired etsy finds.strawberry

a. Eco Friendly Grocery Tote Bags from Kid Pirate $15 b. Strawberry bird form Melissa Sue $26 c. Strawberry bag charm from apple cottage company $10 d. Strawberry cream cupcake oil painting from Nizas Art $100

LATPTOP CASES from Belgium

I love these laptop sleeves from Black Eyed Sheep. Crocheted from supersoft yarn in a variety of colors there is sure to be something that matches your personality. Maybe a little biased, I received one as a gift for my birthday, but its even better than I imagined. It has enough cushion to keep your laptop safe in your bag, but cute enough to turn some heads and not feel like you have the same case as everyone else in that coffee shop. So if you have been putting off getting something to wrap up your laptop, I suggest you check these out.


PUT SOME FLOWERS in your hair

Last year the hot hair accessory was the giant feather headbands, this year my predication are these felt flower fascinator headbands. Made by Philadelphia’s own Giant Dwarf, these felt flowers are sure to add a little flair to your favorite spring frock. And since they are available in 9 different color ways, there is bound to be something that matches your favorite t-shirt or dress. I really love how simple the design is, and how a group of 8 little circles really do come together to create a little bouquet atop your head. How cute would one of these be in your sisters easter basket this year!


DON’T KEEP YOUR MEMORIES hidden in a locket

Lockets have always been a way to keep your memories close to your heart, and have a little hidden secret with you all day long. But for those of you who wear your heart on your sleeve, take a look at these Good Time Rings from YellowGoat. Available in Brass, Silver or a very affordable Plywood edition, these little rings are sure to look great on your fingers. I keep thinking of all the little doodles I could do and have a new ring to wear everyday! The possibilities are just endless, and I can definitely see this spicing up any outfit for both young and old. 


ANIMALS are your friends

Animals are your friends and it is now socially acceptable to have the perched upon your shoulder, or anywhere else you would like, all day long. These adorable little animal brooches from Kate Broughton are quite stunning. I love the assortment of creatures she is offering up to sustain all the forest day dreams, or jungle adventures running through your head. I don’t think I could pick just one, and I would probably be the crazy lady with all those animals all over her sweater.

FABULOUS flowers

The flowers in Marilu’s Etsy shop are quite simple and very unique. Her zipper flowers are a beautiful take on the traditional Kanzashi flowers of Japan. I seem to be on a roll with finding unique brooches this week, but rest assured she offers more than just a pretty pin. Her simple elegant felt flower necklaces would be perfect on anyone, and at only $12 would make a great secret santa gift.

DRESS UP your coat.

This week was the first time I was forced to wear my winter coat. I’ve been thinking of getting new buttons for it to jazz it up a little. It’s the same coat everyone else has, Black pea coat, black buttons, cute but boring. Today I came across these unique brooches by Sarah from CraftyFolk. Hailing from the Great state of Oregon these brooches are one of a kind, hand-painted little pieces of art! I love her whimsical style and a sense of the forest meets fashion. These little guys would be sure to snazz up any coat!

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